This service is provided free of charge to all National Health Service general practices.

The Workshop comprises five short modules over a single 90-minute session in which one of our nurses will show your patients the benefit of five valuable lifestyle changes for them and their families. The session includes a simple, layman’s explanation of the five changes, and practical help with implementing them. We will teach them both the why and the how.

These changes will benefit patients both physically and emotionally. What we can achieve is necessarily limited; the aim of the workshop is to help equip patients to think about taking responsibility for their wellbeing.

Module 1. Eating for Health

(Based on the work of Dr Alan Stewart & Dr Stephen Davies)

The basics of good nutrition / correcting bad eating habits / the connection between obesity and malnutrition / breakfast, the most important meal of the day / practical ways to feed a family inexpensively but well.


Module 2. Managing Stress

(Based on the work of Dr Chandra Patel)

Understanding how stress happens and its effects on physical and mental health / avoiding the things that seem to relieve stress but don’t, especially nicotine, alcohol and other drugs / the connection between breathing and stress / practical teaching of diaphragmatic breathing / learning and practising shiatsu.


Module 3. Understanding Sunlight

(Based on the work of Dr Damien Downing)

Human adaptation to sunlight / understanding the beneficial effects of sunlight on physical and emotional wellbeing / how sunlight is absorbed through the eyes and the skin / getting enough sunlight, safely, for health without taking risks, depending on skin type.


Module 4. Getting More / Better Sleep

(Based on the work of Dr Nerina Ramlakhan)

Sleep as one of the most important prerequisites for good health / understanding what sleep does / understanding why any individual sleeps badly / avoiding stimulants, like tobacco and alcohol, as well as electronic devices, at bedtime / practical exercises to do at bedtime.


Module 5. Emotional Strength

The basics of becoming more self-reliant / avoiding looking for others to solve one’s problems.

It will be noted that some issues are not covered, because this is not the best time or place to go into them. This applies especially to exercise. Written material will be provided to support participants at home, and to help them to discuss these new ideas with family members and friends.